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19th December 2009

8:22pm: so today we had everyone up to decorate cookies, and make gingerbread houses. It was alot of fun. 6 days until christmas cant wait, I am getting my muay ti bag and my muay ti pads! anyway I have been asked if i want to take my first fight in march. I am wondering if I want to do it, I feel I dont have enough training in yet, but on the other hand will you ever feel that you have enough training in. I guess the best thing to do is get in there and find out. I have alot to do between now and then, I am going to drop down to 145 now instead of 155. that weight class will be alot better for me. I guess I will know more on were I stand by febuary. wish me luck. Merry christmas to all and happy new year!

29th November 2009

10:48am: none
So thanksgiving was ok I was in a crappy mood all day, and to top it off i found out that my aunt helen had a minny stroke, she was in the hospital for a couple days and didnt even tell us. when i found out i was upset and i kind of yelled at her for not telling us. she is like a second mom to me. I dont want anything to happen to her. i am hopefully going to fly out to arizona soon, so i can drive her back here. she wants to move back sometime soon and i am going to help her. i have not been able to work out at all this week, which sucks. i have been sick with a sore throat and a very bad chest cold. i even lost my voice which i bet some people are likeing right now. hopefully i will be over this soon so i can get back to training.
Current Mood: annoyed

25th November 2009

4:48pm: wow
I cant belive I can still log into this thing. it has been a long time. well life in general is going pretty good for right now. I have been dating this wonderful girl for about 8 months now it is going pretty good. I have been training alot lately in mma. I am hoping to do an amature fight at 155 in the next year or so. I only have 8 pounds to lose to get to my fight weight. so anyway tommorrow is thanksgiving and I have alot to be thankful for. can you belive my son will be 12 in a little over a month. man how time flies.

23rd August 2007

4:47pm: logan
is staying with me again, I am not sure for how long. I picked him up tonight.  this saturday I am going to take him to the state fair. He was sick last weekend so we didn't get a chance to go to the steuben county fair, so I told him we would go to the state fair this weekend. I am going to surprise him in the next couple of weeks. I am going to take him to darien lake  sept 8 and 9.  we are going to stay in a hotel. It should be fun. Anyway I am going to go relax these 10 hours days from 6 to 4 are killing me. lol. Goodnight everyone.

3rd August 2007

4:22pm: Well
Logan went home today. All day I have felt like I have been missing something.I fell like part of me is gone now. I am so use to him being around. . Anyway it will be two weeks before I can see him again.
Current Mood: cranky

2nd August 2007

3:42pm: so
yesterday the doctors called about my mom, she has to go to doctors next tuesday. She only has one kidney and they found out that her kidney fuction is high. So they want to find out what is causing this before it is to late. I pray to god that they find out what it is.  Logan is going home tommorrow, and I am sad about it. I was getting use to him being around. It was fun. Anyway that is all for now.
Current Mood: sad

19th July 2007

3:45pm: So tommorrow night
I will be going to walmart to buy the new harry potter book. I actually can not wait. I have been waiting for a year to read it.  Logans soccer try outs went pretty good, the try outs last to days, so I have to take him saturday morning.  So Last friday I was cashing my check, and I saw one of my old land lords(it was the ones that rented us the house that had a nice hole in the middle of the livingroom) they didn't remember me, but they still look like that haven't showered in months, they looked awful. Anyway I am hoping to take logan to watkins glen this saturday, and then maybe sunday we are going to go to the lake again, that is if it is going to be nice.
Current Mood: blah

13th July 2007

6:25pm: I took logan
to see the new harry potter movie last night. It was pretty good, but the movie did not do the book any justice. There were so many things that they missed.  Anyway logan went home for the weekend to be at his moms bday party. I have to pick him up sunday afternoon to bring him back here. Since he has been gone I have not known what to do with myself. It is very quite in the house. lol.  I hope tommorrow is going to be nice, I have plans on hopefully going to the lake. It will only be my second time this summer. I need to go more.  Well I am off to get around to go out tonight. 
Current Mood: ecstatic

11th July 2007

5:16pm: So I
went back to court today. I am now paying 112 a week, which is about ten dollars less then what I thought I would be paying. lol. Anyway I was told I am finally caught up with back support.  My aunt helen flew in yesterday I am very glad to see her.  She will be her until the 14th of aug.  things with logan are going great. I am having a lot of fun with him being here.  Brad and sarahs baby emma went to the emergency room monday, they found out that she has urinary trac infection. Which is very odd for a baby that is only about  6 weeks old.  They put her on antibiotics, and told them they are going to run some tests at the end of the month. they think she is going to be ok, they just want to make sure.
Current Mood: tired

23rd June 2007

2:01pm: I got
my tattoo yesterday. It is great. He only charged me 225 for it. Anyway I had to go to logans soccer awards today, then to a graduation party. the graduation party was kind of boring, but at least I got to hang out with my friend ryan and his sister who are up here from virgina. We are going to go out tonight to watch some bands to play. They have to leave to go home tommorrow morning at 4 a.m. We will see if they make it. lol
Current Mood: determined

16th June 2007

4:13pm: the lake
water seems really warm. I was surprised. I actually stayed in the lake for a while.  Anyway the new fantastic 4 movie was good. of course anything with jessica alba in it is good. Logan has his last soccer game tommorrow. this will be his last season in this league I hope. He is going to try out in july for a soccer team that plays in the fall, but they travel all over new york state.  All his coaches think he has potential in this sport,and they think this league would be good for him. Anyway I have to go make dinner. Logan wants chicken tacos. Have not had them in a while.
Current Mood: tired

15th June 2007

7:12pm: well
it finally happened. I am going to go back to court. she wants more money. No surprise there. lol. Anyway logan and I are going to go watch the new fantastic 4 movie tommorrow. Then we are going to go to the lake and hang out. He has been bugging to go there.  7 more days and I get my new tattoo. I was talking to the guy that is going to do my tattoo, and he is not sure if the three hours I have scheduled to do the tattoo will be enought time, so I might have to go back which sucks. Anyway I am going to go to bed. goodnight.
Current Mood: amused

2nd June 2007

12:23pm: Hospital once again
I took my mom to the hospital  once again today. It seems like I should be living there. First it was another blood transfusion, because her iron was low. They are trying to find out what is causing her iron to drop like that, she has been put on blood pressure pills since the transfusion because of high blood pressure which she never has had, and to top it off today her one kidney is over working itself so they have to find out the cause of that. they think it is the blood pressure medicine but they are not sure. They are going to run more tests on her monday to find out. 
Current Mood: depressed

31st May 2007

5:52pm: logan
will start to live with me for a month starting july 1st. it will be a trail run to see how he likes it. If he does then I am going to go get physical placement with me. So we will see, and this will see how well I can support him. It is going to suck bc I will still be paying her dumbass support that month, and on top of that I am going to be paying for babysitting while I am working. I am in the process of looking for a sitter now.  I go back to rochester one last time june 8 for my graduation. Finally it is over. They are treating everyone to dinner, and drinks. They are also paying for a hotel for the night which is going to be sweeeet!!!!!. Anyway getting ready for bed now. I am thinking about taking logan to the lake this weekend. Have to see what goes. anyway off to bed, have to get up at 530 in the morning.
Current Mood: tired

27th May 2007

4:09pm: In the next couple weeks,
I will be going to the lake, probably after I get out of work. I miss swimming, and just relaxing. Logan is excited about going to the lake to. He is finally learning how to swim so that is great.  I am going to put the last rug in tomorrow then I have to go pick up logan and take him to see shrek 3. He really wants to see that. So july 24 I am trying to get a bunch of people around to go to hershey pa to see a concert. I found out that staind, daughtry, and nickleback with be playing. that is going to be a great concert.
Current Mood: amused

26th May 2007

12:21pm: went and seen
pirates today at 12:00. It was pretty good. it was about three hours long, and that was way to long to sit in those uncomfortable sits at crystal cinemas. Anyway I am going to go to brads soon to put in the dishwasher for them, and to watch the ufc pay per view. 
Current Mood: confused

25th May 2007

7:39pm: brad and sarahs baby
comes home tommorrow from the hospital. Emma is so cute. I was suppose to go watch pirates tommorrow with alicia, but she has to babysit, so I am not sure if I am going to go, unless I go alone. I have to put sarahs new dishwasher in for her tommorrow so she can have it to wash the baby bottles. Sunday I have to go put more carpet in for my cousin. I put one in tonight. At least she pays well. lol. Anyway I am going to go to bed I am tired.
Current Mood: tired

24th May 2007

5:39pm: Emma Mae......
was born today at 12:30. She was 6 pounds 9 ounces, and 19 and a half inches. She is so cute. The first girl in the family. Man is she going to be spoiled. I have an appointment finally to get my tattoo done. it is june 22 I can not wait. It is going to cost me about 3 to 4 hundred dollars.  Logan had a play yesterday it is good. He forgot some of his lines but for the most part he was good. I started working at a new job last week up in bath. I am next to the steuben county jail putting up the new infermary. The company I am working for is by far the best one I have worked for. They talked to me yesterday about maybe keeping with them. Which would be great, but they work out of town sometimes which sucks but you have to go where life takes you. I am looking forward to going to the new pirates movie this weekend but I am not sure when.  Well that is all for now.

15th April 2007

8:08am: none
Well I am taking logan home today. It kind of sucks I have enjoyed him here this week. I can't wait until he is here for a month.  My birthday is in a couple of weeks, which means a new tattoo. I am getting the 6 inch gap between my tattoo by my shoulder blades, and the dragon I got last year filled. I am going to make it all one. Friday night I watched this program called middle school confessions on HBO. It made me start to think about logan and how it will not be long before he will be there. It was sad to see how kids treat kids. About how kids that age have all these problems that they shouldn't have.  Well I have a few more years before I have to deal with that. Well have to go and take logan home before the weather gets to bad. we are suppose to get 7 to 12 inches  by monday. Why can't the snow just go away.
Current Mood: stressed

4th April 2007

11:07am: none
Well I am getting my son starting tommorrow. He's spring break starts then. I am looking forward to it I guess. I am going to have him all next week, only thing is he is going to a babysitters while I go to work, so he might be bored. lol. I am excited about easter I got logan a cheap mp3 player for easter. that way he will leave mine alone. Well have to go and get somethings done before tommorrow, and before next week.
Current Mood: ecstatic

28th March 2007

7:23am: so I took my son to the movies this weekend. We went and saw the new tmnt. I thought it sucked compared to the old teenage mutant ninja turtle cartoons. It was pretty boring. Anyway my birthday is in a little over a month, which means I am going to get a new tattoo. I cant wait. My tattoo artist is going to draw something up to go with my dragon tattoo. I am going to get my whole back covered I think or most of it at least.
Current Mood: amused

19th March 2007

10:24am: moments
    Have you ever had those days where you sit and think about someone! Think about what could have been and what should have been. It is weird it has been almost 6 years and it still feels like yesterday.  I sat last night with her on my mind. I don't know why, I don't know what brought it on but it happened. I guess it was one of those times. It had been a while since I had really thought about her. Maybe it was just time I did. I have old emails she sent me in christmas 2000, I must have spent an hour reading all of them again. It felt good to read them. It brought back memories that I had forgotten, it put a smile on my face. They say time heals all wounds but I don't ever see this one healing. I have moved on and I know that, but sometimes I guess it is good to move back for a moment. 
Current Mood: blank

12th March 2007

4:06pm: this weeknd
This weekend hopefully will be fun. I am meeting some people at the sports station friday night. It is going to be fun. I have been waiting to hear mike play for a while. Anyway I am enjoying the nice weather. I can't wait for summer to get here. I am looking forward to going to the lake again to swim. Swimming at the ymca just is not the same. What else can I say I have to go to a funeral tommorrow. Not looking forward to it. I don't like going to them. They say death comes in three and this will be the third one in a little over a month. Life is going good so far.
Current Mood: energetic

7th March 2007

1:24pm: Getting better
Things are getting better I have to say. I have my son almost every weekend now. He and I have been talking about him living with me. Which would be great so I can improve his attitude. I have met a lot of interesting people also. I am happy and have a lot of caring people around me. I have a great job which I am making 17.91 an hour now.  in a year it will be up 23 or 24 dollars. I can't wait. I have been going to the gym alot now. brad and I have a membership at the ymca in corning. so I try to go almost everyday. I have to get rid of this winter weight. lol. Not much to say, expect I am enjoying life. I know nobody else will read this. I have no friends on livejournal. so this is my own kind of personal journal to write in. Well off to do something productive. Oh yea the most important thing is I am going to have a neice in june. Finally there will be a girl in the family. that baby is going to be spoiled. lol
Current Mood: cheerful

22nd March 2005

4:47pm: pizza hut, and then bowling.
Current Mood: crappy
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